Message from our Pastor

March 17th 2020

Due to the situation with the corona virus, and the latest government
guidelines, it is clear that we will be going through a period where things
will be very different for many of us, particularly affecting our church
activities and meetings, especially for those of us who are older. As
Christians, we need to take responsibly and seriously the governments advice
given to all of us, not to attend any unnecessary gatherings at this present

We already took the decision last night to cancel the Oasis group which was
due to meet this morning, and people have been informed of this.

Therefore, all our church meetings and activities in their present form will
be cancelled.   I do personally intend to be in the relevant church building
at the starting time of our Wednesday evening prayer meeting, and our Sunday
morning and evening services. I will be present to greet anyone who comes,
and if people do not feel they are at risk and wish to come, they are
welcome to do so, but we will probably space out the seating and have a time
of prayer and a brief reading from Scripture. Other than that, the main
ministry will be by other means, for which see below.

This will be a challenging time for many people, particularly for those
whose health may be more at risk, but also those whose livelihoods depend on
people gathering together, such as cafe and restaurant owners, those in
hotels and travel industry, or even local shops. And of course churches, as
gatherings of people, will be among those affected by this.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that as pastor I fully intend
to do all that I can to help and serve all in the church and congregation at
this time, spiritually, prayerfully, and practically. It is at times like
this when we as Christians should look to support one another, and those
around us, as best we can, whilst remaining responsible.

It is my intention that I will look to share by email, by telephone calls,
by text and social media, and various appropriate individual means and
visits if required, things such as: prayer requests, news, announcements,
and any recordings of sermons and other messages for us. By such things we
will be able to continue to function and fellowship as a church, and support
and encourage one another prayerfully, and spiritually - enabling us to
serve the Lord and trust in Him at this time.

It is at times like this when it is especially important for us as
Christians to pull together, as the body of Christ, and help and support one
another as best we can - and also pray for our nation and all who are being
affected by this present situation. There is much that God's Word can say to
us at such a time, as I hope to share with you in the coming days.

I shall be telephoning as many of you as I can, to speak with you and check
that you are well, so that you an share prayer requests, and discuss any
ways in which I and others in the church who are younger and more able
bodied might be able to help and support those who are in need. If any of
you have any practical needs, such as needing someone to buy food or collect
medicines, please do get in touch - I and others will be very happy to help.

Do watch this space for more information, the church officers will be
looking to keep in touch with you all, and let this time be one where our
church demonstrates more than ever the good things that our Lord Jesus has
shown to us by His Word and example.

Above, all, as our Lord Jesus said to His disciples, "Let not your hearts be
troubled, trust in God, trust also in Me." John 14:1

Pastor, Pemberton Free Grace Church